Mondoblack Cover

My short story, Mondoblack, has been released!

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Set in the near future when artificial intelligence has caused massive unemployment. Universal basic income pacifies the majority of the population. Co-operatives have flourished and given renewed purpose to many who have languished. A former Information Technology professional named Paul pines for the good old days when his skills were still in demand. He visits a local art show and starts to have strange experiences.

"There wasn't anything I didn't like."  -- Paul Ronin, Indie Game Developer

Mondoblack excerpt:

It was really strange to look at and in an unsettling way, unnerving. We stood there in silence for a minute taking it in--it was just so black. It was completely two-dimensional and it felt out of place in our three-dimensional world. I moved to the side to look at it at an angle, but the total flat perspective didn't change.  Even though the back wall was several feet away, it looked like the black continued from the door frame all the way to the wall.  I wanted to explore and dive into it to see what else there was behind it. But the absolute blackness had a strange solidity.